The RTX 4090 gaming laptop is so powerful!

RTX 4090 Laptop

For players who pursue higher frames and high-definition gaming experience, they all like to focus on high-performance gaming notebooks, and the performance of the graphics card is also the focus that players pay the most attention to. Nowadays, NVIDIA’s new generation RTX 40 mobile GPU has been release, bringing with it the flagship RTX 4090 mobile platform. This is also the highest model for notebooks for the first time.

It can be say that this is the biggest leap forward in the history of notebook performance and energy efficiency. You must know the past. The highest is the XX80 series, and the XX90 is only a desktop product, which shows that NVIDIA has finally stopped squeezing out toothpaste with this generation of mobile graphics cards. Whether it is raster games, ray tracing games, or DLSS 3 games, it has the strongest performance in history, far ahead of the past. of any notebook GPU.

Gaming Laptop
Gaming Laptop

RTX 4090 mobile version

If you don’t know much about the performance of the RTX 4090 mobile version, you can take a look at today’s game test. Below I use the ROG Magic 7 Plus Super Edition for the game test. The actual test results will let you feel how powerful the RTX 4090 is.

The RTX 4090 graphics card uses NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace GPU architecture. It has 9728 CUDA cores, a core frequency of 1640MHz, a Boost frequency of 2090MHz, a memory of 16GB GDDR6, a memory bit width of 256bit, and a memory frequency of 2275MHz. The operating efficiency can be increase by up to 3 times compare with the previous generation flagship laptop, and is almost at the same level as the desktop RTX 4080. The 175W full power consumption design has achieved a leap in performance and energy efficiency, helping players play AAA masterpieces with very powerful performance.

TechPowerUp GPU
TechPowerUp GPU

3DMARK test

Judging from the actual 3DMARK test results, in the Time Spy test the total score was 19443 and the graphics card score was 21126; in the Fire Strike Extreme test the total score was 25361 and the graphics card score was 26585. It has to be said that the results of these two test items are at the top level among current game notebooks.


In order to show the true performance of this flagship graphics card, I selected 5 AAA masterpieces for testing below, namely the well-known “Cyberpunk 2077”, “Hogwarts Legacy”, and “Red Dead Redemption” , “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” and an e-sports game “CS:GO”.

The first game is “Cyberpunk 2077”. I directly maxed out the test image quality, selected 2K resolution, adjusted the image quality to Ray Tracing: Super, and turned on DLSS Frame Generation. Running the built-in Benchmark, we finally got an average score of 143.6 frames. Being able to run “Cyberpunk 2077” at a frame rate of more than 140 frames under 2K full light tracking, this kind of game performance is really exaggerated.

Hogwarts Legacy

ollowed by “Hogwarts Legacy”, the image quality is also full, the resolution is still 2K, the image quality is select to the ultimate. And the ultimate light tracing is turned on, and the DLSS selects the quality. In outdoor scenes, the game frame rate can be stabilize at around 120 frames, and in indoor scenes, it can be stabilized at around 150 frames, which is also very scary.

Next is “Red Dead Redemption 2”, which is also a very hardware-intensive game. The resolution is still 2K, the budget is the highest quality, the API is Vlikan, and the benchmark score is 120 frames. Running the highest quality “Red Dead Redemption 2: Redemption” at 120 frames at 2K resolution is probably the envy of many desktop players.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

In addition, there is “Shadow of the Tomb Raider”, which is an earlier AAA masterpiece, and its hardware requirements are lower than those of the previous three games. The resolution is also 2K, and the highest image quality is select. The Benchmark test result is 200 frames, which is very exaggerate. This frame rate is already very smooth.

Finally, there is “CS:GO”, which can reflect the performance of RTX 4090 in e-sports games. The resolution is still 2K and the image quality is the default. After running Benchmark in the creative workshop, I finally got an average score of 516.15 frames, which is extremely exaggerate. It can be say that “CS:GO” is still too simple for the RTX 4090.

In summary, with its excellent hardware performance, the RTX 4090’s performance in games is exaggerate. Even at the highest 2K image quality, it can run 3A masterpieces smoothly, and when running common e-sports online games, the game frame rate is higher. It is worthy of being say. The big brother of mobile-level graphics cards, the performance is indeed too strong, the editor can only give a silent thumbs up . At the same time, it has to be say that notebooks that were once weak in performance have been transform. And their specifications and performance are close to those of desktop computers.

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