How to treat lumbar muscle strain quickly? You can pay more attention to these five methods

lumbar muscle strain

Lumbar muscle strain is a chronic lower back injury, functional low back pain, inflammation caused by chronic damage to the waist muscles, surrounding fascia, periosteum and other chronic injuries. To recover, active treatment is necessary. So how to treat lumbar muscle strain quickly? Next, Chongqing rehabilitation doctor Long Bo will give you a detailed introduction.

How to treat lumbar muscle strain quickly

lumbar strain
lumbar strain

1. Avoid overexertion

Lumbar muscle strain cannot be ignored and must be adjusted in time to avoid overexertion and change bad living habits. Some people always have to bend over and carry heavy things. Over time, the muscles in the waist will be damaged, leading to muscle strain and disease. As long as you can get more rest and change bad habits, there will be obvious improvements.

2. Appropriate bone-setting massage

Lumbar muscle strain can be relieved through bone-setting massage. Some people often suffer from waist pain due to muscle tension and overexertion, which leads to local inflammation. You can perform massage when you are in pain and master certain techniques and intensity. This can fully relax the muscles and promote local blood circulation, thereby eliminating inflammation and reducing pain. However, massage has technical content, and bone-setting massage cannot be done casually.

lumbar strain
lumbar strain

3. Drug therapy

If the lumbar muscle strain cannot be relieved, it means that the inflammation has worsened, which can be treated with anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. It can be improved by injecting corticosteroids or oral anti-inflammatory drugs. At the same time, muscle relaxants or analgesics can also be applied locally, which can reduce influence on the disease, thereby achieving the purpose of alleviating symptoms.

4. Motor function trining

Lumbar muscle strain can be relieved through appropriate functional exercises. Some people will leave the root cause of the disease and relapse due to improper waist exertion or incorrect posture, but it will get better after adjustments. At this time, local functional exercises cannot be left behind. . Appropriately strengthen the strength of the abdominal muscles to avoid muscle tension, but pay attention to the way of exercise and have professional guidance. Do not increase the intensity casually, otherwise it will cause secondary damage.

lumbar strain
lumbar strain

5. Physical therapy

If lumbar muscle strain occurs, it is necessary to relax the muscles and activate the collaterals, promote local blood circulation, remove inflammatory substances, and relieve the patient’s symptoms. At this time, physical therapy can be combined with physical therapy under the guidance of a doctor, which can increase the effect of treatment. Physical therapy includes laser, ultrasound, electromagnetic, infrared, etc.

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