Apple MacBook Pro is really powerful but the charger is really annoying!

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Not long ago, Apple officially released the MacBook Pro, a must-have artifact for workers. The performance of the new M1 Pro chip and M1 MAX directly catches up with the current top desktop hosts. I believe that with the subsequent software adaptation, the MacBook Pro will Become the most powerful part-time work tool, allowing you to “work overtime whenever you want” anytime and anywhere! let’s know about apple macbook charger.

However, the improvement in performance will also lead to an increase in power consumption. The charger of the new top-of-the-line MacBook Pro is already as high as 140W. Although Apple has tried to reduce its size as much as possible, it is still a “big brick”.

In comparison, last year’s MacBook Air and this year’s 14-inch MacBook Pro are more suitable for most users, and a 65W charger can meet the power supply needs.

As an old Apple fan, I suggest you buy a 65W charger when buying a MacBook, because Apple’s official charger is relatively large and blocks the socket interface, making it inconvenient to use. The one I use for my own use has my country’s CCC+CQC dual certification and aerospace quality: Huntkey 65W gallium nitride fast charger.

apple macbook charger
apple macbook charger

This product is a charger that I carry with me for daily office work and business trips. It is small in size but supports 65W output. It is small in size and has high energy. Type-A+Type-C dual-port fast charging can meet the charging needs of multiple devices, mobile phones + computers. You only need to bring one charging head to do it all, and it doesn’t occupy other holes, so it’s very easy to use.

apple macbook charger
apple macbook charger

Huntkey’s 65W gallium nitride charger has a built-in intelligent identification chip that can automatically match battery charging needs, reduce heat generation, and protect the battery from damage. And it uses a glue filling process inside to fix the PCB and components, making it safer and more stable.

apple macbook charger
apple macbook charger

Huntkey SST307C

In addition, my desktop will be equipped with a Huntkey SST307C new national standard safety socket. The most unique thing about this product is that it supports Type-C and USB dual fast charging. Two data cables can provide power for multiple devices, and there is no need to carry a charging head. Similarly, this product also has aerospace-grade quality and passed the CCC+CQC dual certification standards.

Its shell is made of PP material, which has excellent electrical insulation and mechanical properties; it also has good high-temperature resistance and flame retardant properties, and will not burn at 750°C and will not deform at 100°C; at the same time, a child safety door is added inside to effectively prevent electric shock.

Apple’s design has always been excellent, so if you plan to buy a MacBook, you might as well consider changing to a better charger and socket!

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