A big list of animals that eat snakes and abuse them. Snakes will just run away if they encounter them

Eat snakes

Snakes are scary animals. There are countless kinds of snakes, and there are also countless kinds of venomous snakes. Not only are there many types and numbers, their sounds are also terrifying. They can be found in most places in the world. its traces. However, some animals are always fearless towards poisonous or non-venomous snakes. Once encountered, a fight is inevitable. Moreover, they can torture snakes in various ways. Once a snake encounters these animals, it will have to take a detour to save its life, which makes people very surprised. What animals eat snakes,let’s know in this article

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No. 11 snake-eating animal: Bullfrog

Because the cry of this frog is very similar to that of a cow, it is called a bullfrog, and it is also the largest frog in North America. So how big is a bullfrog? Bullfrogs mainly like to eat live animals, such as screwfish, etc. They are ferocious and greedy by nature. They often snatch food and eat a lot. When they are full, their stomachs can expand to 10 times as much as when they are empty. They also like to eat their own kind, bullying the smaller ones with their big ones, and the big frogs eat the little frogs.

Bullfrogs and snakes are also enemies. Large snakes often eat bullfrogs, while small snakes are often eaten by bullfrogs.

No. 10 Snake-Eating Animals: Giant Toad

As the name suggests, the giant toad is a relatively large type of toad, an amphibian that likes to eat ants, mosquitoes, snails, locusts, etc. It stays diurnal and emerges at night, hibernating when the temperature is low.

This animal is similar to the relationship between bullfrogs and snakes. Snakes usually eat it, but it takes a lot of effort for a snake of average size to swallow it, but sometimes it can also eat snakes, especially small snakes. It’s very easy for it.

The ninth snake-eating animal: King Cobra

Although this animal has the word “glasses” in its name, it actually does not belong to the genus Cobra, but is an independent genus of King Cobra. Since it can claim the title of king, it means that it is more ferocious and cruel than the cobra, more responsive and more venomous. This snake is one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. Within half an hour of being bitten by a king cobra, no human can… Prompt treatment is fatal.

Its IQ is higher than other snakes, and it usually feeds on other snakes, including pythons of similar size, and even eats similar species of King Cobras. At the same time, the King Cobra is also a master of snake abuse. Because it has antivenom in its body, other venomous snakes are ineffective in attacking it; and its high IQ allows it to know how to deal with any poisonous or non-venomous snake, other snakes When I meet him, I can only lament my misfortune.

The eighth snake-eating animal: Hedgehog

This animal can be perceived through imagination, and snakes are generally untouchable. Wild hedgehogs will drive away rats and snakes from the places where they live, equivalent to free gardeners. However, it sometimes steals some fruits from you.

The hedgehog moves relatively slowly, but the spikes on its body determine that it is an extraordinary creature. When it encounters an enemy, it curls up and erects its spikes. Even large beasts cannot swallow it, and snakes certainly cannot. There is no way, usually when a snake encounters a hedgehog full of spikes, it has no choice but to run away in a cute way.

No. 7 Snake-Eating Animal: Raccoon

Raccoons, native to North America, are relatively small, growing to about 40-70 centimeters, and are nocturnal. The Canadians gave it the nickname of a mysterious thief. Raccoons like to eat omnivores, such as insects, worms, walnuts, acorns, fish, etc. Of course, snakes can also be their food.

Although raccoons look cute, they eat snakes effortlessly.

The sixth snake-eating animal: ferret

The weasel is a type of ferret. Weasel is a very active animal. It mainly eats rats. It also often steals chickens, fish and frogs. Most importantly, it is also a master at eating snakes. Snakes can run rampant in the mountains and forests, but once they encounter a weasel, they have to flee. At this time, the weasel is in hot pursuit. With its high agility, it launches lightning-fast attacks on the snake. It is its specialty to bite the snake within seven inches. The weasel is also a snake charmer. It will bulge its belly and wait for the snake to entangle it, and then its belly will come out to bite the snake. After a few rounds, the snake will be confused and can only give the delicious snake meat to the weasel for dinner.

What’s interesting is that the weasel usually fights the snake alone. After the snake is taken care of, the weasel will invite its companions to share the delicious food, just like the monster in Journey to the West always invites the seven aunts and eight aunts to eat Tang Monk Like meat. And the companions who were invited to eat snake meat were also very polite and would never go to thousands to snatch the food. They will divide the snake meat into equal parts according to the “number of wolves”, and then go into the forest to enjoy the gifts they deserve. And it is said that if someone does not disturb the weasels while they are fighting with the snakes, they will politely leave a portion of the snake meat to the onlookers.

The fifth snake-eating animal: Stork

This type of animal is the general name for a family of large waterbirds. There are dozens of species, and they can be found all over the world. It also has a pair of long legs and a long and strong pointed beak, which ensures that they will not be hurt by snakes when eating them. More importantly, they can fly. For snakes, this is simply Just a few plug-ins.

The stork eats the snake effortlessly. It takes just a few pecks and swallows it quickly.

The fourth snake-eating animal: Eagle

Eagles are carnivores and their food includes mice, hares, small birds and snakes. Large eagles will even hunt goats. Definitely a bird of prey. Usually when a snake encounters such a large bird, it has to offer its own head, leaving no possibility of escape. The eagle, in particular, is famous for its clairvoyance. No snake crawling on the ground can escape its eyes. Moreover, it also has strong feet and sharp claws that can easily tear apart the snake’s skin and flesh, although its mouth is not long enough. , but there is no pressure at all when catching snakes. The digestion ability of eagles is also super strong. The snakes they eat will be completely digested in a short time.

The third snake-eating animal: hornbill

The biggest special feature of the hornbill is its big mouth. Usually an adult hornbill is about 70-120 cm long, but its big mouth can grow to 35 cm, accounting for more than one-third. Although it It looks stupid, but it’s actually very dexterous.

The hornbill likes to eat fruits on fruit trees, and also eats insects, frogs, mice and other small creatures. It is also very good at eating snakes. Its swallowing characteristics are: using its long beak to throw the food upwards, and then using its beak to be very precise. He caught it and swallowed it alive. In addition to eating, its big mouth can also easily build nests.

The second most snake-eating animal: snake vulture

Basically all eagles can eat snakes, but the snake eagle, as soon as you look at its name, must be closely connected with snakes. Large birds of prey such as eagles can fly to an altitude of 10,000 meters, which is equivalent to an airplane. The snake vulture can reach a height of 1.2 meters and has extremely long legs. It is famous for its ability to eat snakes and is a bird native to Africa.

Basically, any snake will die after being pecked twice. The most noteworthy thing is: It is said that once a snake vulture finds a partner, it will stay with it for life and will never abandon the other person.

Number one snake-eating animal: honey badger

Honey badgers can be found everywhere in the world. They can generally grow up to 70 centimeters long and only about 30 centimeters tall. Their fur is very rough. They are neither afraid of bee stings nor snake bites, so they especially like to eat honey. In addition, they are also very fond of honey. They like to eat snakes, and they will take the initiative to attack any snakes they see. Highly venomous snakes such as King Cobras and Mambas are their food.

Honey badger! It is often considered the most useless animal in the world. At present, apart from humans, its natural enemies are unknown. It can fight back fiercely when attacked by large beasts, and it can face the stings of thousands of bees. It does not change color because of its high agility and natural resistance to poison. After a poisonous snake bites it, it can be completely indifferent. At most, it can lie down and sleep for a while and then get up and jump around again. So the snake has no solution to it.

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