Recommended washing and drying sets in 2024

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Why buy a washing and drying set?

It is recommended that any family with the installation conditions and financial conditions buy a washing and drying set:

Exquisite washing and care: Nowadays, washing machines are becoming more and more comprehensive, and can already wash wool, down jackets, silk and other fabrics. However, if you want to achieve better washing and care effects, you need to further dry them in a dryer. The clothes will be smooth, fluffy, soft and natural. There is no comparison between drying and drying in the dryer.

Quick drying of clothes: 

During the rainy season and winter haze, clothes may not dry for a long time and may even become moldy. If there is a dryer, clothes can be dried quickly.

Sterilization and mite removal: 

Although some washing machines have a sterilization function, the sterilization is not complete. The dryer can further sterilize and remove mites, which can provide better care for children.

Neat and beautiful: 

With the washing and drying set, you can collect them after drying. There is no need for clothes everywhere on the balcony, making it more tidy and beautiful.

Although the washing and drying set is a bit more expensive, it is really delicious to use.

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The difference between a washing and drying set and a washing and drying all-in-one

The all-in-one washing and drying machine saves space and only requires a power supply and drainage pipe. Washing and drying are completed in one drum, and there is no need to take out the clothes. The all-in-one washing and drying machine uses electric heating to evaporate moisture from clothes. It consumes high power, makes a lot of noise, uneven heating, uneven clothes, and high temperatures that can easily damage clothes. The washing and drying machine is not equipped with a good lint collector. During the drying process, the lint of the clothes will stick to the clothes, and the washing machine will be dirty.

The washing and drying set is a front-loading washing machine + heat pump dryer. It has a large capacity and heat pump dries at low temperature. It does not damage clothes, has fewer wrinkles, and saves electricity. The disadvantage is that it takes up space and needs to reserve two machine positions in advance, which can be placed flush or stacked. Heat pump dryers work on the same principle as air conditioners, absorbing external heat, so the impact of external temperature is greater, and drying efficiency is not high in winter. It is best to choose a heat pump with temperature rise compensation, such as Haier 176 and 376.

Washing and drying machine or washing and drying set?

Both washing and drying machines and washing and drying sets have advantages and disadvantages. You can choose from the following three aspects:

1. If the space is limited and only one washing machine can be placed, then you can only choose a better wash and dry machine. If there is ample space, you must give priority to the wash and dry set, which will have better wash and dry effects.

2. If there is a place to dry clothes and the drying function is use less, choose an all-in-one washer and dryer. If you have a lot of drying needs, choose an all-in-one washer and dryer.

3. The all-in-one wash and dry machine is affordable and can be buy for reasonable price, while the wash and dry set is relatively expensive.

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How to choose a washing and drying set (shopping guide)?

1. Well-known brands

Choose brands with high visibility and market share in the market, such as Haier, Casarte, Midea, Little Swan, Panasonic, Bosch, Siemens, LG and other well-known brands. These brands have mature technologies and are old brands that have been tested by practice and market, and their quality is more reliable. And it has a high market share and its services can keep up.

2. High cleaning ratio

The wash and dry set is a washing machine + clothes dryer. The configuration of the washing machine and clothes dryer is very important. Try to choose a drum washing machine with a higher cleaning efficiency, such as the Panasonic White Moonlight 3E1AK drum washing machine equipped with foam cleaning technology, ECONAVI smart washing system, light-actuated silver cold water sterilization, and a cleaning ratio of 1.1.  Haier 376 is equipp with instant essence washing technology and a washing ratio of 1.1.

3. Choose according to budget

Choosing a wash and dry set is basically for families who pursue quality of life, so try to choose one with better configuration. Washing machine and dryer are both important. The washing machine determines whether the washing is clean, and the dryer determines the drying effect.  The washing machine and dryer are not very good, and they will not wash cleanly and dry thoroughly. Cheap dryers are all driven by a single motor, which not only drives the drum but also produces air. The drum is driven in one direction, and the clothes are easily tangle, and the inner side will not dry. Expensive dryers are equipp with dual motors. The drum is drive by an independent motor, which can realize 1:1 forward and reverse rotation. The clothes will not be tangle and will be dry evenly.

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