Why does a cat meow at an empty place?

cat meow

Many cat owners have encountered this situation. The cat meows at an empty place, but when the owner goes over and looks there is nothing. So why does the cat meow? The reasons are generally as follows.

1. Ways to release stress

If your cat is bullied or ignored by its owner, causing it to become unhappy and stressed, it will meow for no reason. This is a way for them to release stress, just like they keep licking their fur. Same.

Cat meow
Cat meow

2. Smell a special smell

Cats have a very sensitive sense of smell. Some odors that humans cannot smell will be amplified many times in the cat’s nose. The owner thinks there is nothing strange there, but it seems different to the cat. It may be prey or natural enemies, so when Cats will meow when they smell a strange smell.


3. I saw a creature behind me

Sometimes a cat meows for no reason. It may be that it has seen some creatures that the owner has not noticed, such as mice, birds, insects, etc., which attracted the cat’s attention.

Cats are particularly sensitive to these prey, and they can clearly catch them with just a flash, but humans’ reactions are not that fast.

Cat Meow
Cat Meow

4. Hearing distant noises

Cats’ hearing is much better than their eyesight. They can hear many sounds that we humans cannot hear, and they can feel many sounds that we cannot hear.

Therefore, the cat’s barking may be due to hearing a distant noise and meowing into the air to alert the owner.

Cat file photo
Cat file photo

5. In estrus

Cat owners all know that cats will bark and even urinate when they are in estrus. If your cat has not been neutered and often meows into the air, it is probably in heat. If your cat breeds, it is best to have it neutered as soon as possible, otherwise it will keep barking and disturb people’s rest.

File Photo
File Photo

6. Want to attract the owner’s attention

If your cat often meows for no reason and glances at you from time to time, it is probably trying to attract the owner’s attention. If the owner ignores it, it may use the same method to attract the owner’s attention next time. Notice.

Only cats that are too bored will do this kind of thing. The owner should spend more time with the cat, play more games with the cat, and reward the cat with snacks when it behaves well, so that the cat will be happy.

Cat File photo
Cat File photo

When raising cats, in addition to paying attention to their behavior, diet is a very important part for cats, which directly determines their health problems.

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Internet Cat photo

Conclusion: Does your cat meow suddenly?

Feel free to share photos of your cats meowing in the air in the comment area!

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