What grade does the crocodile leather handbags you carry belong to?

crocodile handbags

Different types and grades of crocodile skin handbags have different applications in luxury goods production. Luxury production brands usually select suitable crocodile leather materials based on the quality, texture and scarcity of the leather.

In the market, crocodile skin is divided into multiple grades according to different types and origins.

1. Crocodile crocodile is the most superior crocodile skin. Since the number of crocodile crocodiles is rare and most of them are wild, crocodile skin is very scarce and expensive in the market. High-end luxury brands may use alligator skin in limited-edition styles to make the product more unique and precious.

crocodile leather

2. Siamese crocodile (Thai crocodile) and Nile crocodile (African crocodile) are two types of crocodile skin with excellent texture and clear texture. They are the main choices for making high-quality crocodile skin products. They are widely used in the production of luxury brand handbags, belts, wallets, etc. because their leather quality is excellent and suitable for making detailed crafts.

3. The texture of caiman skin is relatively rough, and there may be large bony scales in the cortex. It is generally less expensive, so caiman skin may be used in products from some more affordable luxury or generic brands.

Crocodile leather
Crocodile leather

4. In addition to the main species mentioned above, there are also some other crocodile skins, such as American crocodile, New Guinea crocodile, etc. These leathers may be used in specific styles of products, selected based on their characteristics and availability.

Regarding the sources of crocodile leather, there are mainly the following:

1. Wild crocodile: The quality of wild crocodile leather may vary depending on living environment and other factors.

2. Captivity: Captive-raise crocodiles are typically raise in a controlled environment to ensure the quality and consistency of their leather.

Crocodile skin

Different types and grades of crocodile skin have different positions in luxury goods production. High-end brands will choose crocodile skin with fine texture and clear texture to make valuable luxury goods. While some mid-to-low-end brands may use crocodile skin with inferior texture to lower the price of their products. No matter which kind of crocodile leather is chos. Designers will make full use of its grain and texture during the production process to create unique and exquisite leather products. Consumers should choose appropriate crocodile leather products based on personal preferences, uses and budget when purchasing.

crocodile handbags
crocodile handbags

Crocodile skin includes many types, mainly including the following

1. Genuine Crocodile Leather: This is leather craft from real crocodile skin. And is one of the highest quality and most expensive options. Prices will vary according to different types of crocodiles and different production techniques.

2. Crocodile leather embossed with other leathers: Some manufacturers use other leathers. And then imitate the texture of crocodile leather by embossing to reduce costs. But still have a similar effect in texture and appearance.

Crocodile-print faux leather: This faux leather is a synthetic material that imitates the texture of crocodile skin. It is usually relatively cheap, but it is not comparable to real crocodile leather.

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