How to choose royal honey for children?

Royal honey

As a mother who knows well that royal honey is beneficial to the growth and development of her children, after my children reach three years old, I buy some children’s honey for them almost every year, or honey that can also be eaten by children. Just because honey is suitable for children, the testing will be more detailed, and no antibiotics will be added.

In order to buy pure royal honey, I will read the honey label carefully based on understanding the production company, and carefully observe the appearance, color and consistency of the honey, and even smell the smell.

1. Look at the company

It is not easy for a bee product to last for decades. In addition, the bottle products is equipp with a long-term valid QR code. Scanning the code can trace the origin, time and test report.

I noticed the QR code on the box. I looked at it carefully and scann the code, so I became more familiar with the honey.

2. Look at the label

Although some farm honey is indeed pure honey, such honey is not easy to find in cities. Due to the low yield, most of the pure honey produce by farmers is sale to neighbors or people in the surrounding area.

If I don’t go to an apiary in person or buy honey from someone I know well, I usually check to see if the label contains the factory name, factory address, health license number, production date, shelf life, product quality code, etc. .

This is because honey is food, and when food enters shopping malls and other places, it needs to have a health license number, production date, shelf life, product quality code, execution standards, etc.

Royal Honey
Royal Honey

3. Look at the ingredients

When buying honey in the mall, many people often simply look at the brand of honey and then take it from the shelf without knowing how to carefully check the ingredients of the honey.

In fact, when choosing honey in a shopping mall or honey store, you must carefully check the ingredient list . Because you need to make sure that the honey you buy is pure and good honey without any other substances or sugar added.

As far as I know, for honey produced in honey factories, the ingredient list on the label only contains honey and no other substances or sugar. For example, the Xunling Plateau Forest Honey in my hand only has honey on the ingredient list, so it is worth buying.

Royal Honey
Royal Honey

4. Look at the appearance

There are many types of honey. Different types of honey often have different colors . For example, the color of Xunling Shuibai Honey is white, but the Xunling Plateau Forest Honey in my hand is dark in color because it brings together the essence of rich and rare wild flowers in the Zhongnan Mountains.

Also, don’t forget to check its transparency. No matter what color it is, good honey is never particularly crystal clear, but rather a moist, opaque colloidal liquid.

5. Smell

The source of any honey is the essence of plants, and the smell naturally has a light plant aroma. If the honey you buy from a certain plant contains the rich aroma of another plant, then the honey may not be pure enough.

For example, as natural mature honey, the fragrance of Xunling Plateau forest honey is the faint fragrance of rare wild flowers, rather than the fragrance of home-grown jujube flowers. Because the source of the honey powder for this honey is not domestically grow jujube flowers.

6. Look at the consistency

Under normal circumstances, honey with better quality will not have too high water content, while honey with poor quality will often have too much water added. Therefore, the purity of honey can be know through its consistency.

Consistency , or Baume, refers to the percentage of soluble solids in honey. In modern technology, it refers to the degree obtained by immersing honey in honey using a Baume hydrometer. The higher the degree of Baume, the greater the specific gravity of honey, the lower its water content, and the higher its sugar content.

For example, the Baume degree of Xunling Plateau forest honey is 43 degrees. And the consistency is already very good. While I was scooping it up with a spoon, observing it, and eating it directly, I discovered that this was a honey of better quality.

If I go to the mountains to buy farm honey, I usually use the simple traditional method of stirring the honey with a spoon to see if the honey will stick to the spoon. If it doesn’t stick to the spoon at all, then I will discard it and not buy it because it is not enough. pure.


Honey is a good thing, but you must carefully select it when purchasing to ensure that the honey you buy is pure, hygienic and safe. Otherwise, it will make us very upset when we eat.

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