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Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is consider a necessity for home use. They are very useful for making rice and soup on a daily basis. Moreover, today’s rice cookers are becoming more and more intelligent and have more functions. I have used many models of rice cookers myself. , I was greedy for cheap at the beginning, and within a few months, the cooking time basically became extremely slow. Later, I also made a lot of strategies and bought my own favorite rice cooker. Here is a popular science share.

1. Brand classification of rice cookers

There are many brands of rice cookers. In fact, the big brands generally don’t have much of a problem. During the selection process, old brands such as Panasonic, Midea, Gree, Philips, Joyoung, etc. are among the best in their research on rice cookers and other home appliances. You can’t go wrong if you close your eyes. In addition, new brands such as Xiaoxiong have also made many technical innovations recently, and you can also buy and experience them.

2. The choice of rice cooker

1. Heating method

Rice cookers on the market now generally use two heating methods: chassis heating and IH electromagnetic heating . Chassis heating is achieved by heating the chassis of the rice cooker and then transferring the heat to the inner pot, thereby heating the rice grains and water in the pot. This heating method is relatively traditional and generally costs less, but it heats the rice unevenly and the rice tastes poor.

IH electromagnetic heating technology directly heats the inner pot through the electromagnetic coil around the inner pot. Some rice cookers also use surrounding electromagnetic coil technology, which can heat the rice more evenly and achieve the all-round heating effect of firewood, so that the rice tastes better. good. Therefore, half of the current rice cooker manufacturers will also choose IH electromagnetic heating, and the effects in all aspects will be better.

From the perspective of heating methods, Supor’s far-infrared rice cooker is currently one of the best on the market. It uses far-infrared technology to cook rice. The top far-infrared and IH high-power three-dimensional surrounding heating make the steamed rice not only Faster and tastier. The rice grains are crystal clear, distinct and fluffy. As soon as you open the lid, you can feel the aroma of rice. Even if the rice used is not so easy to steam, it will be twice as delicious. Picky eaters can eat half a bowl of rice more when it is served.

Inner tank

The inner tank is heavy and has a good texture. You can tell at a glance that its shape is different from the ordinary inner tank. The angle of this inner tank is very special. The upper and lower 55° angles of the convection heating are wide, simulating the traditional firewood. Stoves are a blessing for those who love wood-fired rice. You can still enjoy fragrant wood-fired rice without burning firewood.

The rice cooker has a painted body and a tempered glass panel, which is translucent and textured. Its large capacity of 4L can cook 16 bowls of rice in one go, making it a satisfying meal for the whole family. It has 23 functions that are dazzling. Not only can it simmer rice, but the non-stick coating of the inner pot is also easy to clean. You can make reservations 24 hours a day, so you don’t have to get up early to eat in the morning. You can have hot rice right away when you get home from get off work.

Rice Cooker
Rice Cooker

The reputation has been good so far. Compared with high-end rice cookers from Japan and South Korea, it is not inferior in any way. Anyone who recommends domestic high-quality rice cookers will basically not bypass this one.

2. Inner tank

The rice cookers on the market also have different inner pots, and each manufacturer has put a lot of effort into their own inner pots. If you have a sufficient budget, it is recommended to choose a ceramic liner. If you have a smaller budget, you can consider coated liner and composite liner. These three types of liner all heat up quickly, are non-stick, are scratch-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and have a relatively long service life. . In addition, because the inner pot is in direct contact with the rice, safety is also an issue that needs to be considered. When purchasing, choose a rice cooker from a large manufacturer and with relevant testing certificates.

Regarding the shape of the inner pot, we generally recommend a spherical inner pot. This type of inner pot will be heated more evenly, the heating efficiency will be relatively high, and the cooked rice will be fuller and more elastic.

3. Control method

Now some rice cookers already support intelligent control. For example, the Mijia rice cooker supports NFC connection with mobile phones, which can transmit menus at any time and can be connected with Xiao Ai classmates for voice control. Some rice cookers can also be connected to mobile apps to control the rice cooker directly on the phone, and support 24-hour reservations. For users who are pursuing a stronger sense of technology or office workers who want to enjoy freshly made food directly after get off work You can choose this type of smart rice cooker. If there are elderly people at home who want something simpler to operate, they can choose the traditional touch screen version or the button version, and the functions will be more clear at a glance.

4. Capacity

The capacity of the rice cooker can be selected according to the number of family members and the frequency of gatherings. Generally, a 2L rice cooker can serve 1 to 3 people, a 3L can serve 2 to 4 people, and a 4L can serve 4 to 8 people. If there are more people, you can choose 5L. Above, you can choose according to your own needs.

3. Recommended types of rice cookers

1. Supor Blue Diamond Ball Kettle Rice Cooker

Supor’s small ball kettle series has been completely upgraded in performance. Compared with other rice cookers, it saves nearly half the time. You can have fragrant firewood rice in 22 minutes, and it only takes 45 minutes to cook porridge. For office workers who are tight on time, It is particularly friendly, not only ensuring high efficiency but also ensuring the rice is delicious. The original energy-gathering and thickening spherical kettle has been innovatively improved and replaced with a blue diamond spherical kettle. The rice is non-stick and conducts heat more quickly. Its service life is also longer than that of ordinary liner. The super large capacity of 5L can easily meet the needs of family dinners. It can cook 14 bowls of rice at a time. It is suitable for families with larger family members or those who often need to have dinner together.

Smart Rice Cooker
Smart Rice Cooker

The intelligent large-screen panel covered on the surface covers 16 cooking menus that can be selected at will. The operation is simple and you can become a cooking expert in seconds. A 24-hour smart reservation is more thoughtfully designed. In the morning, put rice, water, etc. into the rice cooker, set the dinner time, and you will be greeted by the smell of rice after get off work, so you can start the meal directly. Moreover, the whole body of the rice cooker is washable, and all parts are removable and washable, making it easy to clean at any time.

Supor’s far-infrared rice cooker

If you have a higher budget, you can also choose Supor’s far-infrared rice cooker. It uses far-infrared technology to cook rice. The top far-infrared and IH high-power three-dimensional surround heating make the steamed rice not only faster but also more delicious. The rice grains are crystal clear, distinct and fluffy. As soon as you open the lid, you can feel the aroma of rice. Even if the rice used is not so easy to steam, it will be twice as delicious. Picky eaters can eat half a bowl of rice more when it is served.

The inner tank is heavy and has a good texture. You can tell at a glance that its shape is different from the ordinary inner tank. The angle of this inner tank is very special. The upper and lower 55° angles of the convection heating are wide, simulating the traditional firewood. Stoves are a blessing for those who love wood-fired rice. You can still enjoy fragrant wood-fired rice without burning firewood.

2. Midea Xian V series IH smart rice cooker

The Fiber V series can be said to be the most beautiful rice cooker in the world. It adopts basalt gray metal body color, low-key luxury, versatile style, and full of kingly style. The newly added 18-minute hot water quick-cooking function only needs to add hot water above 70 ℃ to quickly cook and serve it immediately without waiting. You can also prepare fragrant porridge in 45 minutes. It can effectively break the bubbles without overflowing the pot, while ensuring the speed. while retaining the rich aroma of the rice to the greatest extent. In addition, the Fiber V series also uses 300Pa micro-pressure cooking and a large-space steam valve to lock in the delicious rice aroma.

Midea rice cookers can also intelligently connect to the Midea Mercure App, which provides users with a large number of recipes to choose from. Scan the ingredients to recommend recipes and provide a nutritionally balanced meal. The “Vegetable Basket” function allows direct purchase, and ingredients and accessories are delivered to your door, making shopping and cooking a breeze. The key is done. The thoughtfully designed wide rim and removable cover make cleaning easy and easy to clean with just one wipe. The top panel can be operated without bending, providing users with the most comfortable use experience.

3. Panasonic 3.2L microcomputer rice cooker

As an old brand of electrical appliances, Panasonic has been fruitful in its research and exploration of rice cookers. The new generation of Panasonic also uses thick binchotan charcoal pots, which have better heat conduction and long-term heat storage, and can transfer heat to every grain of rice. The long charcoal coating also ensures that the inner tank is smooth, non-stick and durable, and easy to clean. Microcomputer CPU technology accurately senses the amount of rice to automatically adjust the firepower and time to restore the original mellow aroma of rice. The multi-functional cooking skill can meet the basic needs of snacks, soups and porridges. It can be used as many times as possible in one pot, which is convenient and time-saving.

The small capacity of 3.2L is not only suitable for people living alone, but can also meet the meal needs of 2 to 4 people during dinner parties. The size is just right. The 24-hour water lock and heat preservation function can lock in the moisture of leftover rice to the greatest extent. The specially designed cold rice heating function restores the original taste of rice, making leftover rice as fragrant and delicious as ever.

4. Xiaomi Pro smart rice cooker

This Xiaomi rice cooker uses IH micro-pressure technology. Its biggest feature is that it heats through surrounding fire, which is highly efficient and has high firepower. It also uses pressure-accumulating ball technology to make the cooked rice softer, glutinous and more delicious while retaining the original aroma. The powerful combination of 3mm thick flame kettle liner and durable non-stick coating makes the rice non-stick and has clear grains, efficient heating and long-term heat preservation. The appearance is also simple and stylish. The Mijia small black screen can display reservation information, cooking status and remaining time, and can also adjust the softness and hardness of rice according to personal preferences. It is a powerful smart rice cooker.

This Mijia rice cooker is not only good at cooking. It is good at stump cakes, seafood vermicelli pot, Dongpo pork, etc. that have become popular among friends. It is definitely a good helper for the new generation of kitchens. The newly added NFC function is also very user-friendly. You can quickly start smart recipes by just touching your phone, and then connect it to the Xiaoai speaker, so that cooking can be controlled by voice.

5. Joyoung 40N3 rice cooker

This Joyoung rice cooker is dedicated to low sugar. It adopts air-cooled water-moistening film technology to stay away from chemical coatings and achieve a non-stick coating effect. At the same time, air-cooling precision temperature control technology ensures efficient heat transfer and stable and uniform temperature in the pot. There is also a double rotating boiling ring specially designed for large-capacity rice cookers. The rice grains tumble and are evenly heated. It can meet the needs of 4 to 6 people and control the amount of rice as desired.

Multifunctional one-button cooking, one rice cooker can make a variety of dishes. The panel also uses a tempered glass touch panel, which is full-screen and stylish. It is not only scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, but also easy to clean with just one wipe. The whole family loves to eat the rice made with Joyoung rice cooker, which restores the sweetness of wood-fired rice to the greatest extent.

6. Bear 4L C40K6 household rice cooker

Although the Little Bear Rice Cooker looks chubby and cute, its cooking skills should not be underestimated. The inner tank uses a curved cauldron to allow the rice grains to be fully mixed and heated more evenly. Coupled with the Binchotan charcoal coating made of carefully selected deep mountain wood that is carbonized at high temperatures, it purifies the odor of the rice grains and water and makes the rice sweet and delicious. Full release. The heat is also strictly controlled, using a 7-segment cooking curve, intelligently controlling every 1°C, and cooking according to the optimal temperature and time from preheating to keeping warm, so that the rice is full of color, flavor and flavor.

For users, the anti-overflow function of the rice cooker is also a matter of great concern. The Xiaoxiong rice cooker has a double anti-overflow pot. It has temperature-sensing probes on the top and bottom to monitor the temperature in the pot in real time. You can make soup and porridge without anyone watching, so you can feel at ease. Prepare dishes. In addition, the steamer that comes with the pot can be used for steaming and cooking at the same time. One rice cooker can meet both cooking methods at the same time, saving time and effort.

7. Philips Intelligent Core IH Rice Cooker

Philips IH rice cooker has made great innovations in heating technology and other aspects. It adopts iSpiral IH heating technology, which allows the rice grains to be evenly heated in three dimensions. That is precisely controlled by the smart chip to form a strong vortex from the outside to the inside, and the rice is cooked Good rice with distinct grains. It is equipped with a hidden touch screen interface, which is full of technology, simple to operate and sensitive to touch. It also has a user-friendly “My Favorites” menu, which can save 1 to 3 frequently used menus according to personal preferences and open frequently used menus with one click.

This Philips rice cooker adopts a cool all-black appearance, which is low-key and connotative. It is also stain-resistant and wear-resistant, and looks like new even after long-term use. The heating speed is also one of the best among 4L rice cookers, making cooking efficient and time-saving. Generally speaking, it is fully functional, easy to operate, reasonably priced, and great value for money.

4. Precautions for rice cookers

1. The inner pot should be cleaned promptly after use. When cleaning, do not scrape the bottom of the inner pot with sharp objects. After washing, wipe off the water on the outer surface of the inner pot and put it back into the casing.

2. The inner pot of the rice cooker is easily deform after being touch. After the inner pot is deform, the bottom cannot fit well with the electric hot plate. The rice is heat unevenly during cooking, and it is easy to cook uncooked rice.

3. During the cleaning process, do not let the electrical parts come into contact with water to prevent short circuit and leakage. After cleaning the inner pot, wipe it clean with a cloth, and do not put water in the bottom into the shell.

4. The rated voltage of the product should be consistent with the operating voltage. To prevent poor contact between the inner pot and the electric heating plate. Attention should be paid to: the bottom of the inner pot should avoid collision to prevent deformation; when placing the inner pot, place it on the heating plate; The space between it and the electric hot pots and pans should be kept clean and free of debris.

The above are the recommendations about rice cookers. Choosing a good rice cooker can save you a lot of worry. I hope everyone can choose the one that suits them.

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