10 classic Russian movies, how many have you seen?

Russian Movies

In this article we are tell you a little bit information about 10 classic Russian movies. May be you have watched these

1. Russian Ark (2002)

“Russian Ark” is a historical fantasy drama film directed by Alexander Sokolov and starring Sergei Drayden, Mariya Kuznetsova and others.

The film tells the story of a contemporary filmmaker and another French diplomat from the 19th century who are placed in an ancient palace in St. Petersburg. The strange thing is that no one around them can see them, so the two wander around the palace together. Witness the story of more than 200 years of Russian history.

Russian Ark
Russian Ark

2. Black Lightning (2009)

“Black Lightning” is a science fiction film directed by Dmitry Kiselev and Alexander Varkinsky, starring Jiligory Dobkin, Ekaterina Vikova and others.

The film tells the story of Dima, a Moscow college student who has a bizarre encounter with a flying Volga sports car and grows into a superhero who fights against evil forces.

3. Figure Skating Queen (2018)

“The Queen of Figure Skating” is a sports romance film direct by Oleg Trofeim and starring Aglaia Tarasova, Alexander Petrov and others.

The film is adapt from the true experience of a former Russian figure skating champion. It tells the story of Nadya, who comes from a poor family and lacks talent, from a figure skating rookie to a shining star.

4. Return (2003)

This movie is one of best russian movies. “Return” is a drama film direct by Andrei Zyagintsev and starring Vladimir Galin, Ivan Dobronlavov and others.

The film tells the story of a father who suddenly returns home and takes Ivan and Andrei to a mysterious island to look for something. The father slips and falls to his death.

5. Sea of ​​Fire (2016)

“Fire” is an action-adventure film direct by Nikolai Lebedev and starring Daniela Kozlovsky, Vladimir Mashkov and others.

The film is a remake of the 1980 classic film “The Crew”. The story of a fearless crew led by three pilots. Who volunteer to rescue trapped people on the volcanic eruption of Kunwu Island.

6. Leviathan (2014)

“Leviathan” is a crime film direct by Andrei Zyagintsev and starring Alexei Serebryakov, Yelena Lyadova and others.

The film uses a realistic story and solid lens language to tell a black comedy story. That criticizes the current situation of Russian society.

7. Female Sniper (2015)

“The Sniper” is a love war movie direct by Sergei Maklisky and starring Yulia Beresild, Yevgeny Zyganov and others.

The film tells the story of a Soviet female student, Lyudmila Pavlichenko. Who grew up to become an outstanding sniper in the Soviet Union. At the same time, she was regard by the German army as a huge threat. That must be eliminate at all costs. The story of Pavlichenko meeting a man and falling in love.

8. Chernobyl (2021)

This movie is one of best russian movies. “Chernobyl” is a disaster movie direct by Daniela Kozlovsky and starring Daniela Kozlovsky, Osana Akinshina and others.

The film tells the story of the aftermath of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the recovery of those who paid with their lives to avert a global catastrophe.

9. Stalingrad (2013)

“The Battle of Stalingrad” is a war action movie direct by Fyodor Bondarchuk and starring Peter Fedorov, Thomas Kretschmann and others.

The film tells the story of several scouts led by Captain Gromov. Who arrived on the left bank of the Volga River in the autumn of 1942. After the Soviet Red Army failed to counterattack the Germans, and sneaked into a house occupied by the Germans. They met a man who failed to evacuate in time. The story of the Russian girl Katya and they teamed up to launch a thrilling struggle against the German army.

10. Space Rescue (2017)

“Space Rescue” is an action-adventure film direct by Krim Spenko and starring Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Pavel Derevyanko and others.

It tells the story of the “Salyut-7” space station in outer space that accidentally lost contact with the earth. Engineer Viktor Ayokin and retired astronaut Vladimir Fedorov were order to take the Soyuz T-13 to search for “Salyut-7”. “”, when he was preparing to return home after experiencing a series of crises such as space docking, cold wave in the space capsule, fire on the space station, and failure of the solar charging system. He was told that the space station was about to be shot down.

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