What are the improvements of Bluetooth 5.1 compared to Bluetooth 5.0?


Most people’s impression of Bluetooth is still limited to the data transmission function of the Nokia era. At that time, files were not large, and mobile phones did not have WiFi or 4G, so file transfers were all done via Bluetooth. With the popularity of WiFi and 4G, Bluetooth has gradually been forgotten by the public. Despite this, smartphones are still inseparable from Bluetooth. Whether it is matching between wireless devices or remote control of devices, Bluetooth plays an important role. Especially now that wireless headphones are rampant, Bluetooth has become an indispensable feature in mobile phones. Times are advancing, and the application scope of Bluetooth is also expanding. In the future, Bluetooth 5.1 may also be use for precise positioning.

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On January 29, the Bluetooth Technology Alliance officially announced Bluetooth 5.1 technology. According to the introduction in the blog article, Bluetooth 5.1 will add a “direction finding function” based on Bluetooth 5.0. Together with Bluetooth proximity technology, it will make the device easier to detect and discover. Improve the accuracy of Bluetooth positioning to centimeter level, and use this application to achieve positioning in small Bluetooth devices. In this way, it will be easier for everyone to find small Bluetooth accessories such as AirPods when they are lost. Of course, the direction-finding function of Bluetooth 5.1 is not only use for finding objects, but can also be use for better indoor navigation, information provision and other purposes.

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Prior to this, the Bluetooth SIG has added proximity sensing technology to the existing Bluetooth technical specifications, allowing users to locate the approximate position of objects through the connection (relative) distance of other Bluetooth device batches, and actively emit sounds, etc. method to allow users to confirm the exact location of the Bluetooth device they are looking for. After Bluetooth 5.1 adds the direction-finding function, this sensing technology will become more useful.

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