What are air conditioned shoes and its features

Air conditioned shoes

Air-conditioned shoes are a new type of high-tech product . In winter, the product can control heating through a unique microcomputer chip inside the shoe. The heating temperature can be adjusted in multiple levels according to the human body’s comfortable temperature. In summer, it is cooled through a unique internal air cooling circulation system to reduce the wear and tear of the shoes. It is a high-tech product that simultaneously removes the moisture generated in the shoes while keeping the internal temperature dry, thereby drying the feet and eliminating athlete’s foot and other foot diseases.

Air conditioned shoes
Air conditioned shoes

Air conditioned shoes features

Technical features of air conditioning cooling shoes

1. The air-conditioned shoes introduce the original imported air circulation system. Through the principle of air circulation and purification, the shoes are in a dry, ventilated and cooling state, which cools the whole body, no sweat remains, and gets rid of the troubles of summer heat;

2. Adjust the operating intensity of the system in a timely manner according to the ambient temperature. The product is divide into three gears, from high to low, with voltage output of 6 V, 5.4 V, and 4.8 V, with continuous standby time of 9-15 hours;

3. Unique sole and body design, the entire shoe body is waterproof, and the system will still operate normally in water.

4. The air-conditioned shoes adopt a unique appearance design, and all functions can be operate with one button, which is convenient and fast.

5. The body of air-conditioning shoes is generally make of high-grade cowhide material and manufactured with professional craftsmanship. The quality is always at the forefront of the times.

Air Conditined shoes
Air Conditined shoes

Principle of heating of air-conditioned shoes

Air-conditioned shoes use high-power polymer batteries as energy sources and semiconductor heating elements. They can provide heating for more than eight hours and cooling for twelve hours on a single charge.

hours or more. Through microchip computer control technology, it stops for thirty seconds every three minutes of operation.

For people

(1) Adolescents Most adolescents have varying degrees of sweating and stinky feet during adolescence.  

(2) Professional groups

a. Suitable for all types of people in hot areas at low latitudes, young and old;

b. Indoor staff: governments, enterprises and institutions, teachers, students, business people, etc.;

c. Military police, public security, railways, highways, docks, subways, drivers, postmen, etc.;

d. Oil field mining, drilling, mine operations, outdoor tourism, etc.;

Applicable environment

(1) Ambient temperature: The product can work normally between -20℃ and 60℃;

(2) Environmental humidity: waterproof, can work normally in rainy days and underwater;

(3) Environmental pressure: The insoles can withstand 300-500kg of pressure. Strong and strenuous exercise should be avoid as much as possible to avoid breaking the circuit and affecting work.

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