Tips for using an electric incense burner

electric incense burner

Electric incense burner is currently a popular aromatherapy method. They can fine-tune the temperature and extract the original flavor of spices. They are suitable for natural spices such as agarwood and sandalwood. The aroma of agarwood and other spices can be extracted by dry distillation of wood chips and wood powder without ignition. This aromatherapy method is pure, smoke-free, environmentally friendly, simple to operate, safe and convenient!

  In fact, tasting fragrance is a very simple thing. And tasting fragrance is also something that is very easy to satisfy! When you get home after a busy day and want to relax. You can start a subtle aromatherapy journey with just a few clicks.

incense burner

  Adjust the appropriate temperature. And a hint of fragrance will slowly float in for a moment, refreshing and calming the breath. It is suitable for reading or sitting in meditation, and you can easily enjoy the fragrance of nature at home.

  If you use an electronic smoker to smoke incense powder, the electronic smoker can better adjust the temperature. Generally speaking, for daily incense, the starting temperature should be set to about 90 degrees, and then slowly adjusted to 120 to 130 degrees. If you like the fragrance to be stronger, you can increase the temperature slightly, but do not increase the temperature as soon as you start it. Too high a temperature will cause the oil in the powder to taste burnt.

  When lying in the living room and unable to sleep, the subtle fragrance adds a touch of peace and a sense of sleepiness.

  Sit quietly in front of the window and read a favorite book. While reading quietly, it adds a sense of detachment.

  With an electronic temperature-controlled incense burner. you can put aside many trivial matters of incense and enjoy the pleasure of incense anytime and anywhere.

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