The new Skoda Octavia RS will be released on February 14th

Skoda Octavia RS

According to news on February 6, the new Skoda Octavia RS version will be released on February 14. Following the Volkswagen Golf facelift, Skoda’s best-selling Octavia hatchback and estate will also receive a mid-cycle facelift. Now, Skoda has released a design sketch and trailer of the 2024 Octavia, showing the body design style of the RS flagship version.

Judging from the trailer, the 2024 Skoda Octavia is very handsome. It is expect that the production version will not be as beautiful as the trailer. Still, we can see some interesting design details, such as redesigned LED daytime running lights and a more aggressive front bumper. It is reported that the 2024 Octavia will use next-generation matrix LED headlights.

The newly designed wheels bear the RS logo, highlighting its unique identity.

At the rear of the car, the taillights do not adopt the popular through-type design. And the internal pattern is in the shape of an “L” with a hook. Next week Skoda will also release the Sportline version. Which will be position below the RS version and equivalent to the Golf R-Line.

No images of the interior of the new Octavia have been release. Just like the Volkswagen Golf facelift, the new Octavia may also be equipp with a large central touch screen. The rest of the interior should be little change. And just like the new Golf, there may be some minor tweaks.

2021 Octavia RS

In terms of power, the new Octavia RS version will still be equipp with a 2.0T diesel or gasoline engine. And the output power is unknown. For reference, Volkswagen’s new Golf GTI will be equipp with a new 2.0TSI engine. With the output increased by 20 horsepower to 261 horsepower. So the new Octavia The RS version may also be equipp with this engine. For reference, the 2.0T diesel engine equipped on the 2021 Octavia RS has an output of 200 horsepower. And a torque of 400 Nm, while the 2.0T gasoline engine equipped with it has an output of 245 horsepower and a torque of 370 Nm.

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