The correct way to use a zoom lens


I believe that basically every photography friend has a zoom lens, right? 18-55/18-105/24-105/24-70 are all common zoom lenses. Although the image quality of zoom lenses is somewhat different from that of fixed focus lenses, ease of use is the biggest advantage of zoom lenses.

However, for many friends, when taking pictures, they feel that they are too far away and cannot take a picture, so they use telephoto to zoom in on the picture; when there are too many people taking a group photo, they pull the lens to wide angle to make the picture more clear. Smaller. This seems to be an almost instinctive operation. It seems that the zoom lens is something similar to a magnifying glass in people’s minds.

However, when the zoom lens was invented, its meaning was not to exist as a magnifying glass. The real meaning of the zoom lens is to allow us to choose the focal length on a lens at will.

Telephoto lenses

I was too far away so I needed a telephoto to zoom in. This is the logic for novices using telephoto lenses. This is wrong!

I need a telephoto effect, so I have to step back and stay away. This is the right thing !

Therefore, when using a zoom lens, you first need to know what effect you want, secondly adjust the lens to the appropriate focal length based on this effect, then move your position back and forth to compose the picture, and finally press the shutter to take the picture .

In other words, the use of a zoom lens is actually no different from that of a fixed focus lens. You still need to move forward and backward to compose the picture. It’s just that a zoom lens allows us to obtain different perspectives, perspectives, and senses of space without changing lenses. This greatly improves the efficiency of shooting, allowing us to focus on shooting instead of changing lenses in a hurry.

Okay, let’s stop here today. This is a reminder before we explain the focal length of the lens in detail, to correct some friends’ wrong concepts of lens use. In the next article, I will explain the focal length of the lens in detail, including the characteristics of different focal lengths and common usage methods. Thank you for watching~

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