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Pink shoes

This article is about Pink shoes. In 2009, Kay Yow, Hall of Fame coach of the NC State women’s basketball team, tragically passed away from breast cancer. In the past ten years, she has bravely fought against the disease and has also helped many women who are also suffering from the disease. With the assistance of the Jimmy V Foundation, Kay Yow established her own Kay Yow WBCA Cancer Fund to help more women suffering from breast cancer.

After Kay Yow passed away, NIKE specially produced the NIKE Kay Yow series of items to commemorate Kay Yow’s great contribution to the cause of breast cancer prevention. The anti-breast cancer color matching items are on sale in limited quantities. For every item sold, NIKE will donate $2 to the Kay Yow WBCA Cancer Fund to help research breast cancer prevention and treatment. Later, this series continue and became the well-known “breast cancer” color matching (to be precise, it should be call anti-breast cancer color matching).

Pink shoes
Pink shoes

Other brands such as New Balance, adidas, Asics, etc. have also followed suit and dedicated their efforts to breast cancer patients. As a recognized symbol of breast cancer prevention and control activities, the pink ribbon has also become one of the essential design elements of this series.

In this issue, the editor of Shoe Control will talk to you about some of the more representative breast cancer series sneakers. So when it comes to breast cancer color matching, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous star of the current Warriors, Kevin Durant. Durant’s dear aunt, Aunt Pearl, unfortunately lost her life to breast cancer.

In order to commemorate Aunt Pearl and encourage everyone to fight cancer, Nike designs exclusive anti-breast cancer color matching for Durant’s sneakers every year – Aunt Pearl color matching, and this series of colors is also the most classic among all KD sneaker colors. The color editor of this series is going to focus on two pairs of shoes.

1. Nike KD7 Aunt Pearl basketball shoes

Aunt Pearl basketball shoes
Aunt Pearl basketball shoes

In terms of configuration, this basketball shoe uses a gum-type ZOOM on the forefoot, a 180-degree visible ZOOM on the back foot, and phylon as the filling material in the midsole. Hyperposite technology in the heel, TPU stability strips and Velcro on the upper all provide good stability and wrapping. The herringbone pattern on the sole adopts a cross-section design to provide good grip.

Looking at the appearance of this shoe, the overall body of the shoe is made of pearl white, with gold and pink embellishments, which complement each other. The three-dimensional but not exaggerat angel wings Velcro is perfectly integrate into the overall shoe body. The text and heel on the inside of the Velcro are The Kay Yow pink ribbon logo also reminds people of cancer prevention.

2. Nike KD8 Aunt Pearl basketball shoes

This sneaker was officially release on February 22, 2015. The rose pattern covers the entire upper, and the blooming flowers also express the tenacity and unyieldingness of life. It is NIKE’s first attempt to have a full-length ZOOM AIR cushion and Flyweave upper in one shoe at the same time, ensuring flexibility while providing a soft foot feel.

Pink shoes
Pink shoes

The overall appearance of the shoe is pink, with a black Nike logo on the side and a white midsole inspired by the saber-toothed tiger, giving people a bright look. The information on my site has also been released, you can pay attention to it. Editor’s note: The editor bought a pair myself. They match well with dark-colored leggings. They are not as difficult to control as everyone thought.

The sole is covered with densely packed small square grids with clear lines, which has not happened before in previous soles. The KD logo can be clearly seen through the transparent crystal sole.

3. Nike LeBron Soldier 10 EP Kay Yow basketball pink shoes

The previous two pairs of sneakers may have been a long time ago. The following is a pair of shoes that everyone should be familiar with. On June 20, 2016, James led the Cleveland Cavaliers to win the O’Brien Cup. James wore them in the Finals. It’s the Nike Lebron Solider 10. Soon after, the breast cancer color Solider 10 was released.

The all-pink shoe body and the Kay Yow ribbon logo on the forefoot sole become the highlight of this shoe. The forefoot and backfoot are equipped with ZOOM AIR air cushions, equipped with three fixing straps, and three layers of foam and fabric make up the upper, creating a comfortable foot feel, stability and breathability. The tight inner boot design and high upper can provide good support that fits the foot.

Nike pink Shoes
Nike pink Shoes

It is worth mentioning that the XDR wear-resistant rubber outsole makes this shoe a practical weapon in the outfield. The entire body of the shoe is basically all pink, with the Kay Yow ribbon logo on the shoe handle and forefoot sole as the finishing touch. This pair of Solider 10 looks very “sassy”. Compared with the previous two pairs in terms of street performance, this pair of shoes may be slightly inferior, but it is a good choice for actual combat.

4. Asics GT-1000 4 PR running shoes

I have introduced three basketball shoes from Nike before. Now I will talk to you about other brands of anti-breast cancer series sports shoes. As you can tell from the name, PR stands for Pink Ribbon. The upper of this ASICS breast cancer prevention color matching running shoe is somewhat similar to the KD8 introduced earlier. The surface of the shoe is also printed with pink roses. pattern, and the soles are made of mint green. The two more “sassy” colors are paired together to achieve a good visual effect.


Right Action FOR Women is written on the insole to remind women of breast cancer prevention. GT-1000 4 is an entry-level running shoe. It uses elastic breathable mesh to provide stronger wrapping and excellent breathability. The GUIDANCE LINE function of the outsole and the high-rebound SPEVA material of the midsole are added with columnar shapes. The configured DUOMAX improves the support when the foot lands, and the large GEL greatly improves the cushioning performance of the shoe.

5. New Balance 993 lace up for the cure running shoes

Everyone should be familiar with the New Balance 993 series. We also call it presidential running shoes. This running shoe is launch by New Balance in cooperation with the breast cancer charity organization Susan G. Komen. New Balance will receive 5% of the proceeds from purchasing this running shoe. Donate to Breast Cancer Charities USA. Both the looks and the technology make these shoes a hot commodity.

The light pink upper with gray details makes it look cute and cute at first glance. There is a pink ribbon and 993 series logo on the side of the heel. The upper material is pigskin + mesh, and the underside of the insole is ABZORBDTS patented shock-absorbing material. The N-durance super carbon rubber wear-resistant material of the sole is the same grade as the American tank track. It is 3,000 times more wear-resistant than ordinary rubber and has excellent wear resistance. My site has also posted original orders before. Friends who are interest can pay attention~

Running shoes
Running shoes

6. ANTA KT2 basketball shoes

The second generation of Klay Thompson has been officially release on September 23, including this Thompson pink care color matching, which was also launch to promote breast cancer prevention and control campaigns. The shoe body is design with pure pink and pink color matching. The five-wheel drive pure white outsole has the ANTA logo. The word “K” and Thompson’s autograph are written on the outside and inside of the tongue respectively.

In order to cater to the foot shape of domestic consumers, the forefoot angle is expand to make it comfortable to wear. The upper also uses a metal PP film fusing process to make it lighter. This sneaker should be a meaningful practical weapon.

The design of KT2 has been greatly change compare to KT1. The upper is increase and the lining is change to soft and breathable elastic fabric.

The editor has introduced so much about the breast cancer series of shoes in this issue. In the future, there may be more breast cancer prevention series items, and the pink color tone is becoming more and more acceptable to everyone. Everyone says pink is too “sexy”, but I don’t think it’s sexy. It may be a way to break the dullness and show respect for women’s health.

After all, being able to buy cool breast cancer limited color sneakers not only attracts more attention, but also contributes a small amount to breast cancer prevention and control activities. Why not?

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