How do you evaluate “Black Mirror Season 6”?

Black Mirror Season 6

Adults who have been smoothed by the world all know that there are many things in the world that are useless only through hard work. let’s discuss some about Black Mirror Season 6.

Among these “many things” is “letting Americans shoot Black Mirror”.

After Netflix took over this IP, it was able to maintain its original temperament in the third season and also made successful attempts at change (my favorite is ” San Junipero “). As a result, the fourth and fifth seasons It all turned into an American-style warm and sour chicken soup that pretends to be profound.

This season, it can be seen that the creative team wants to go back to the old path of the first three seasons. They have tried very hard, but to no avail.

The concentration of chicken soup is indeed lower than that of the previous two seasons (which is a good thing), but the stamina that makes Black Mirror famous for making people feel numb after watching it is still almost non-existent.

Black Mirror Season 6
Black Mirror Season 6

The most typical one is the first episode. This episode uses the same setting as the two stories in the Black Mirror Christmas episode many years ago. They are all about the copying and uploading of consciousness.

Two stories

The two stories in the Christmas chapter will make you unable to help but think about what it would be like if you did housework for the main body every day or stayed in a small shabby house and never died. The more you think about it, the more you feel despair.

And the first episode of this season? The heroine in the real world smashes the server with an axe, and the old multi-layered virtual world is over in an instant. Next, the heroine and her actor live a dull and hopeful daily life.

The protagonist’s daily life is broken by the crisis -> is forced into a desperate situation -> fights back like a hero in a desperate situation -> successfully solves the crisis and returns to daily life. This is the story skeleton of the first episode, which is completely the routine of American commercial films , that is A routine that runs counter to the soul of Black Mirror.

The same goes for the fourth episode. The star was chased and harassed by the paparazzi. It was originally a very Black Mirror story, but Netflix made it into a story about a mutated weirdo who couldn’t control his killing and was finally released by the protagonist in tears, and there were all kinds of direct messages in the process. A typical American horror film with white and bloody scenes.

Black Mirror Season 6
Black Mirror Season 6

There was some discussion about the paparazzi’s behavior of stepping outside the line, but it was of no use. It just showed that the screenwriter had worked hard.

Third episode

Relatively speaking, the screenwriter of the third episode has really moved the center of the story to the dark flavor of Black Mirror. But he has worked very hard to move it. He is still reluctant to give up the American stench of American love and family. He also excessively pursues contrast. The result becomes It is better not to work hard than not to work hard. It is better to lie down and make American popcorn . I have written all the detailed complaints in the answer below.

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The second and fifth episodes are really dark and there are no flaws in the story. But the screenwriter still maintains the attitude that if you don’t promote love (in a broad sense), you can’t live. If the old lady in the second episode doesn’t belong to the male protagonist. Mom, if the heroine hadn’t walked into the void hand in hand with the devil at the end of the fifth episode. These two episodes would have been among the top single episodes of the year. Even if she didn’t become a god.

However, people have to change things in a conventional way. They would rather let out all the energy. They had accumulated for an entire episode at the end than they have to change things in a conventional way.


There is no way, Netflix is ​​a commercial company after all. And pleasing the audience is their highest guiding spirit (the self-deprecation in the first episode is actually a manifestation of this spirit). Netflix’s main battlefield is in North America. In order to let these idiots regain their emotions Unstable audiences are comfortable watching. So the dramas they film can only cling to all kinds of American clichés. Even if they are filming black mirror.

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