Best basketball shoes, good-looking and functional

Best Basketball Shoes

When the season changes and you need new shoes, domestic brands are the first choice. Thanks to the public testing activity of the What’s Worth Buying platform. We provide Li NingThe Blade 3V2 best basketball shoes are tested. This is a high-performance basketball shoe with a price of $85+. I have worn it for a while and would like to share it with everyone.

Best basketball shoes
Best basketball shoes


Best basketball shoes
Best basketball shoes

When I was shopping for basketball , I was attracted by their appearance and chose aqua blue, a very fresh and energetic color scheme.

The upper uses Li Ning’s unique silk yarn, which is lightweight, strong, durable and breathable, and can effectively maintain the shape and comfort of the shoe.

Another highlight of the upper is the gradient colorful LOGO on the side. This LOGO will show different colors at different angles and under light, which is very cool.

There is a metallic Li Ning lettering on the toe part, which adds some high-end temperament. There is a Blade 3V2 logo on the tongue, indicating the model of this shoe. The shoelaces adopt a flat design, which can better fix the upper and improve the wrapping. There is a pull tab on the heel part for easy putting on and taking off, and it is full of details.

Practical experience:

Best basketball shoes
Best basketball shoes

Basketball shoes have higher requirements for cushioning, rebound. And support than ordinary sports shoes , and Li Ning Blade 3V2 is also excellent in this regard.

The belly-filling technology in the forefoot can provide surging power for every breakthrough start, making you one step faster. Stabilizing TPU in the back palm can lock the heel, reduce movement deformation, and provide excellent stability to reduce the risk of torsion.

The midsole is made of LIGHT FOAM cushioning material, which is lightweight and soft and elastic, providing cushioning and balanced support for the midsole. The outsole uses TUFF RB rubber outsole, which is combined with the radial herringbone pattern of the sharp blade Logo to provide stronger grip for the sole. It can turn and stop quickly and quickly control the entire field.

Best Basketball shoes

Another special feature of this shoe is that it adopts a “double-layer inner boot” design, which can increase the wrapping and comfort of the shoe while also preventing foot slipping and wear.

I’ve worn the shoe multiple times on the basketball court both indoors and out, and I’m very pleased with it.

This shoe is so light that you can barely feel the weight once you put it on. The shoes are also very breathable, so you won’t feel stuffy or wet even if you exercise for a long time. The shock-absorbing effect of the shoes is also excellent, and you can feel the cushioning force every time you land. The rebound effect of the shoes is also very obvious, and you can feel the ejection force every time you take off.

Li Ning Blade 3V2 basketball shoes

Li Ning Blade 3V2 basketball shoes

The support effect of the shoes is also very stable. Whether you are turning, changing direction, braking or stepping, you can feel that your feet are firmly fixe, and there will be no sprains or slips. The grip of the shoes is also very strong. It can maintain good friction whether on wooden floors or cement floors, and will not slip or lose control.

Li Ning Blade 3V2 performed very well in actual combat and fully met the needs of players. In terms of cushioning, there will be strong cushioning measures that will not make your feet feel a strong impact. The support aspect is mainly reflect in the double-layer inner boots, which tightly bind the stability of the feet. What needs to be note here is that if you have very wide soles, you will feel tight when you first wear them, but this is correct. It’s this tightness that improves stability in the ball of your foot.

There are actually many brands and shoe styles to choose from in the current domestic brand basketball shoes, priced at 600 yuan +. However, with such excellent traction performance and comfort, Li Ning’s Blade 3V2 is indeed a rare shoe style.


Li Ning Blade 3V2 is a basketball shoe suitable for defenders. It has the characteristics of lightness, comfort, cushioning, rebound and support. When you run wantonly on the court and jump with passion, Li Ning Blade 3V2 seems to be closely with you. Bound together to achieve the feeling of one person and one shoe. It will assist your bounce, protect your landing, and give your feet sufficient stability during every rotation and collision. It allows players to perform freely on the court. Among basketball shoes in the same price range, they are worth buying!

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