10 recommended best liquid foundations for dry skin

best foundation for dry skin

The weather is getting colder and colder, so it’s time to update your foundation. Especially for dry skin and combination skin, facing dry and cold climate, the foundation makeup is more likely to appear mottled and peeling. So, I will immediately recommend 10 liquid foundations suitable for dry skin. See if any of them are your favorite?

1. Estee Lauder Aqua Foundation

When it comes to moisturizing foundation, you must have Estee Lauder’s Hydrating Liquid Foundation. This year, it has received a new upgrade. It adds triple super berry extract anti-darkness formula, which suddenly maximizes the anti-darkness ability and focuses on long-lasting makeup lasting up to 24 hours. , and the skin-nourishing ingredients contained in it have also been greatly upgraded, making the makeup look more transparent. People who stay up late can immediately eliminate fatigue as soon as it is applied on their face!

best foundation for dry skin
best foundation for dry skin

2. Shiseido 2023 new product Red Kidney Skin Nourishing Beauty Essence Liquid Foundation

Definitely the first choice for “pinch out the moisturizing base makeup“! It is infused with the same double prebiotics as Shiseido’s “Red Kidney”, uses superconducting circulation technology, and vitamin B3 that can help brighten and reduce fine lines, making the skin more beautiful the more makeup is applied, and it is also maintained at the same time. The luster is also long-lasting. It is recommended to pat it on half of the face and half of the face to make the makeup look lighter and more radiant!

best foundation for dry skin
best foundation for dry skin

3. KANEBO soft moisturizing beauty liquid foundation

The famous Big K foundation has also been upgraded this year. It is rich in moisturizing ingredients – elastic oil complex, so it is also a foundation with added beauty essence. The great thing about this product is that it can naturally correct uneven pores and uneven skin tone. Even if it is stacked, the makeup will not be heavy and there will be no fake look. It is the first choice foundation for pseudo-no-makeup makeup.

4. Guerlain Golden Diamond Repair Foundation

It doesn’t matter if you stay in an air-conditioned room all day long. When you first apply it on your face, your face is very shiny and moisturizing, and the gloss is very delicate and high-end, giving you a lady-like puffiness. As the makeup is worn longer and the face becomes oily, the makeup will take on a beautiful creamy luster. No wonder it has become a favorite among netizens with dry and combination skin!

5. Shu Uemura Yusha Moisturizing Essence Cream

This is the foundation cream with the highest essence ratio currently on the market! Infused with 93% highly concentrated maintenance formula, the skin appears naturally hydrated and radiant. The “Camellia Seed Essential Oil” in it makes the texture like silky cream, greatly increasing the fineness of the base makeup. It also uses the brand’s exclusive Japanese anti-dulling technology, so the base makeup will not stick to the powder, dry out, and be not afraid of dullness all day long. Shen, the face has its own glow all day long.

6. NARS Super Square Bottle Liquid Beauty Foundation

Many beauty experts say that using the NARS light bottle can keep you moisturized all day long! Faced with dryness and flaking caused by unstable weather and sudden skin changes, the NARS light bottle copes well with it. Not only does the makeup feel compliant and does not stick to powder, but the moisturizing and glossy effect is also just right, giving people a soft but not moisturizing effect. Feeling of excessive shine.

7. Decor Zen Concealer Long-Lasting Foundation

When it comes to “honey foundation” for dry skin, many netizens strongly recommend Decor. This product features a delicate texture, spreads evenly and smoothly, is light and easy to spread, and the moisturizing liquid foundation will form a light and thin film after being spread evenly, achieving long-lasting makeup and anti-sweat effects, and a slightly mist makeup look. Improves skin texture and blemishes.

8. MAC flawless liquid foundation

Moisturizing, thin and beautiful makeup. As MAC’s first skin care foundation, it contains 80% skin care essence, 33 kinds of skin care ingredients and 10% hyaluronic acid. It uses unique gel-oil-in-water technology to provide a hydrating and translucent feeling instantly when applied. The key point is that the makeup has a strong long-lasting effect, and the makeup can be worn all day long without any dusting, sticking, dryness or flaking!

9. SUQQU ultimate radiant powder cream

SUQQU’s best-selling powder cream has been upgraded again for autumn and winter season! The texture is rich and rich, with a high-grade creamy finish that adheres to the face delicately, and the coverage is greatly improve. In order to avoid weakening the luster when increasing the coverage, SUQQU adds fine granular clay minerals in an optimal proportion to improve the coverage and fit of the powder, but still maintain the transparency of creamy skin.

10. ADDICTION three-dimensional long-lasting liquid foundation

As we welcome autumn and winter, ADDICTION launches a new three-dimensional long-lasting liquid foundation! Mainly focusing on photogenic puffy makeup, it has launched 3 color series and 11 shades in total, which satisfy various skin tones and skin colors. It is also highly recommend by many netizens with desert skin: it will really brighten the face! It also feels bouncy and the overall makeup feels very light. Visit for more articles

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